Are you ready to sell?

Consider some essentials before you sign up to sell on Iccsale.

I have a product ready to sell

First things first: decide what you’re going to sell and have inventory on hand.

I’ve selected a selling plan

Iccsale offers three  selling plans:Students  and  Individual and Professional. Students costs $3.99 per sell .Individual costs  $4.99  per month+$1.99 per  sell. Professionals pay $19.99 per month + $0.99  per sell. The Professional option makes sense if you’ll sell more than 35 items each month.

I’m ready for approvals

For certain products and categories, Iccsale may require additional fees, performance checks, and other qualifications. Some products can’t be listed on Iccsale as a matter of legal or regulatory compliance.

Choose your selling plan

When choosing a Selling Plan, consider the products you want to list. All of students and Individual and Professional Sellers can list products in existed and open categories. New  categories are available only to Individual and  Professional Sellers who apply for permission and meet requirements.





Best for Sellers who

are a student
Plan on selling fewer than 35 items a month
Plan on selling more than 35 items a month

Monthly subscription fee



Selling fees

$3.99 per item
$1.99 per item


Maximum Product


Pay Membership




Open Categories

categories are open for selling on Iccsale; products in these categories can be listed without specific permission from Iccsale. Some categories only allow listings for new products. Some categories have additional guidelines that sellers must follow.

Already know which products you want to sell?


Approval is not required to sell these products. Sellers may be required to meet special requirements in order to list some products. All of students and Individual and Professional Sellers can offer products in these categories, except where noted.

Product Category

Types of Products

Conditions Allowed

Approval Required

Clothing & Accessories

Outerwear, Athletic Wear, Innerwear, Belts, Wallets
New only
No. Requirements