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Big Khatam box

This inlaid box is a perfect product for placing jewelry and valuables. We can also use it as a gift box and multiply the value of our gift. The lid of the box is arched, which adds to the beauty of the box. The inside of the box is made of velvet suede, which is a good shield for jewelry or precious jewelry. This box is used in different sizes and sizes depending on the needs of people for different applications. The design of this box is similar to old antique boxes and can be used in home decoration design. The box is designed in a hinged model that makes it easy to open and close Product specifications: * Fully handmade, * Dimensions: L: 13.5 Cm. / 5.3 In W: 10 Cm./ 3.9 In H: 11 Cm./ 4.3 In (Door included) Ingredients: First, the triangular and long strips of brass, approximately 4cm in length, are glued together to make the end, then cut into 1cm, 2cm, and then pressed under heavy pressure from the four sides of the strips. They are then cut and then the cut ends, which are about 2 cm long, are cut using special saws into narrow strips, resulting in a narrow stripe. Then the adhesive strips are adhered to the desired product, which can be wooden, brass, copper and even iron sheets, and finally a layer of polyester is sprayed on the work to give it both a polished finish and a durable finish.